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Those who arrive a day early for the conference are invited to meet at the Rawlings Scriptorium on the campus of Liberty University on Friday, August 2, 2024 at 4 pm for a guided tour. Included in the collection are a first edition of Erasmus’ Greek NT (1516), A Stephanus Greek NT (1601), a Geneva Bible (1560), and a King James Version Bible (1611). After the tour, we will reconvene for dinner at a local restaurant.


8:30 AM

The doors will open and coffee will be provided.

9:00 AM

Welcome by the chairman of the society, call to order

9:15 AM

Lecture by Russell Fuller
Old Testament: What Exactly is the Septuagint?

10:00 AM

Morning break

10:15 AM

Breakout session, with an option between two papers

11:15 AM

Transition break

11:30 AM

Lecture by Jeffrey T. Riddle
New Testament: How Did Early Christians Use the Septuagint?

12:15 PM

Lunch break

1:15 PM

Lecture by David Kranendonk
Historical Theology: What was the Reformed Perspective on the Septuagint?

2:00 PM

Afternoon break

2:30 PM

Breakout session, with an option between two papers

3:00 PM

Transition break

3:45 PM

Lecture by Christian McShaffrey
Systematics / Apologetics: Why Does the Septuagint Matter Today?

4:30 PM

Question and answer session

5:00 PM



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